about me

On the eve of Sunday August 30, 2015 I found myself dumped. I couldn't find my family and was quite confused. I was hiding under a huge dumpster in a very dark alley, scared to death, when I heard a friendly sound. I saw a human approaching, speaking softly to me. She got on her belly and tried to come under the dumpster. I was a little nervous but next thing I knew I started purring and batted a paw out to her. I tried hard not to get too close but soon forgot. Next thing I knew, she had scooped me up and quickly tucked me into her clothing. I have to admit, it was warm in there and although I was still frightened, it was better than the dumpster.

Next I heard loud sounds of one of those machines! I think we were inside one! I stayed in the clothing, hiding my eyes and wondering what was to come. The noise came to a stop, I was pulled out and placed in the hands of a different person. The new person really freaked me out! I squirmed out of her hands and ran for the closest hiding place. As I scrambled up in the machine and squeezed into the smallest space I could find. There was no way I was coming out!

The machine began making noise. It felt like forever before it stopped. I began to smell some delicious scents of food and it got really quiet. Geez, my belly was so hungry! I was not going to come out though!

I think I took a nap and woke up to the sounds of people making noise ... all of a sudden, they removed one of my walls and plucked me out! There wasn't anything I could do. It kind of felt good to get out of that tight spot though and I was given back to the first person who I met under the dumpster. I liked her.

Once again I was under the garment and couldn't see what was going on. When I was released, I was standing in front of a bowl of food. I gobbled up as much as I could very quickly. As I began looking around afterward, everything started to feel a lot better. It was warm. I was getting a lot of attention and pets. I decided maybe this would be a good place to stay for a while. They keep feeding me so I have been here ever since.


Okay, come on, who doesn't take a few "selfies" these days! I'm just tryin' to be hip. Besides, I'm rather handsome, don't you think?

white kitten
white kitten
white kitten
white kitten
white kitten
white kitten

My life so far


My people went fishing and brought me home some fresh Yellowfin Tuna. As the fish were being prepared and fileted to eat, I was fed my very first sashimi. Wow! What a treat! I couldn't stop begging for more. I hope they go fishing again soon. This beats that stuff in the bag or can any day.

Fish being fileted. Cat begging for fish that person is cutting up. Close up of kitten begging for fish.

Night Life

Each night, I am taken on the dock to go fishing. A net is pulled through the water and when brought up the net, it has yummy, bite-sized fish in it. I get one fish at a time to play with and eat. The rest of the fish go in a container full of water. They aren't quite as good as that tuna but, I am one lucky cat!

Bowl of water with small fish in it and kitten batting at them. Kitten playing with a fish. Kitten playing with a fish.


I just don't seem to get tired too often and when I do, I like to take nice short "cat-naps". There are many cozy, comfy places to nap-out ... pillows, beds, or even outside in a nice shady spot. Once in a while I even like to do a little sun-bathing.

Kitten relaxing outside. Kitten relaxing on pillows. Kitten relaxing on a bed.

my toys

One can never have enough toys. I have a ball chaser thing, a ping pong ball, a mouse, stuffed uglycorn, cork, string feather toy and ball with a mouse inside. I must be a little ADHD though; I can't seem to play with one toy for more than a few minutes!

Kitten playing with a stuffed toy. Kitten playing with a feater on a string. Kitten playing with a track ball toy.